Friday, April 24, 2015

Arts, Collecting or Hoarding?

Arts is always a big part of my life. Loves the creative part of it.

I've been collecting a lot of artistic things since I don't remember when. Most probably since high school but nothing that worth much.

Misc Collection #2
Those are so cute, aren't they?
My collection have been stacking quite a lot but most of it are kept in boxes. Just because the limitation of spaces.

This is part of my life that is quite distance from everyone around me. I don't really share but that will change.

Misc Collection #1
All in boxes.
I'll be opening and displaying them around and I'll share here too. I hope all these arts that get me excite and makes me happy will makes someone else excite and happy too.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Investment, best ever or just lies?

Do you know the biggest lies about investment that have been thrown at us all the time? The promise to get rich?
"Invest in gold, the most stable investment ever!"
"Invest in stocks, the opportunity is unlimited!"
"Invest in mutual funds, the interest is consistence!"
"Invest in property, the most profitable investment ever!"
I tell you, it's all just a pep-talk. We won't get rich. Best we can be with the investment? Most probably a little bit more money than we have before.

Or just wait till the bubble burst, we'll lose most of it, or some. And what they'll say?
"Invest more! It is time to buy! Soon they'll go to the moon!"
And in all those time, who profit the most? The one who is trying to SELL you the investment, the MIDDLEMAN!

The one who sold us the gold, the one who sold us the stocks, the one who sold us the mutual funds, the one who sold us the property.


Each time we buy our soon to be rich investment, we are a bit poor minus the fees.
And the same each time we sell our investment. Minus some more fees.

The one who is selling or the middleman is the only getting richer. Accumulating the wealth without any loss. Solid profit.

So, we go back to the basic question. How do we really get rich?

Start selling. Or be a middleman.