Friday, August 13, 2010

iCity - City of Digital Lights

I've heard about it from my younger sister. She told me that it is a nice place to visit.

Being curious, I search around the internet and I can see a lot of picture and people are really excited about it.

The first time I went there is together with my love one, on a special day. Too bad, we didn't bring any camera to capture the moment as we just want to enjoy it.

It just cost us RM1 to enter the parking area. I've been inform it went up to RM2 few days later after the launching ceremony.

I went there back later with Kerel for some shooting and to my surprise, it cost RM5!

Entrance Ticket

I would say the view is calmly romantic. But the crowd is not that friendly. You won't have the chance to get to the romantic part and suddenly will get disturbed. HAHA! Not that somebody will disturbed you but definitely people talking and shouting around.

I also would suggest that you go there on the weekdays, just because weekends will just be more hectic. I believe you won't find any space to walk around on weekdays.

Forest of Light

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  1. do u need to pay to enter it?
    coz last time when i went there. is FREE!!!

  2. i guess that is quite some time ago :P

    yeah, it's a fee for entrance.

  3. friend ckp skrg dah kene bayar RM10 per car. diorang pegi seminggu sblm puasa..huhu..lepas ni bape plak..