Sunday, April 24, 2011

Teluk Batik, Lumut (Manjung), Perak

I'll be missing this place soon. It will be less reason for me to visit it as my parents won't be here anymore.

Teluk Batik

First time I've been to this place perhaps in the year 2001. That's when parents move there. I'm impressed with this town. It has a beautiful landscape and comforting feeling, compare to my previous hometown.

But I'm not that much impress with the beach as I've seen a lot better. But Teluk Batik is surely the most famous attraction around here.

In the early time, there's really nothing in Teluk Batik. People just went there to have a swim, relaxing and spent time with friends and family. I seriously can't think of anything to do there. No water sports, no games, no snorkeling. Oh, there's camping site or maybe beach bury but that's all.

Beach Bury

And that's the reason I'm not an avid visitor to this place despite friends around me do visit it quite frequent.

I gave a visit few months back and to my surprise, a lot has changed since my last visit. The already have offering of some water sports activity (banana boat, flying fish). Baywatch tower for security. Increase in visitors.

Banana Boat

If any of you ever come around there, make sure to drop by. Your time will definitely worth while spent.

So long, till we meet again Teluk Batik.

Teluk Batik Sunset

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Twin Towers @Live 2011

Do I always listen to music? Yes.

Do I love music? Yes, so much!

Do I always went to concert? No, this is my first time. Just to get a hang of it.

Do I love concert? Maybe. Not so much. And that depends.

What kind of concert it that might get your interest? I don't know. But the thing is, maybe I really don't belong to the crowd. Everyone is singing and jumping, and jumping, and jumping! But I'm there static trying to enjoy the music. Totally not suitable and definitely not belong to these crowd and these kind of concert.

Perhaps some more relaxing concert just to enjoy the music more suitable for me.

Here the only thing that I found a bit interesting that night. Bunkface surely a good performer.

Had a great time spent with wife! :)

Kellies Castle, Batu Gajah

I have a vivid childhood memory of a Kellie's Castle and guess what? It's reading a ghost story book title Kellie's Castle. What a good memory.

The story is not that horror though.

I live in Perak for more than 10 years already.

I studied nearby there for 4 and half years. Passed by the road for quite a lot of times. Heard from friends about their good time trips to the castle. And guess how many times have I visit the place?


I can't believe myself I never visited the castle all these while.

But I had a chance to visit the castle last December. That's because I'm attending a friend wedding which is nearby and also on my way back to my parents home.

Kellies Castle

The architecture is nice. No horror feeling of being there. Perhaps because I visited the place in a broad day light. LOL.

But aside from the architecture view and the so call history it left, it doesn't interest me that much.

Oh but wait. Maybe it can be a perfect spot for a outdoor photography sessions. I'm encountered with three newly married couples doing outdoor photography during my stay there.

Here another picture of the fine building.

Kellies Castle

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wireless? Maybe not

We've been told that today is a world of wireless. No more tangling of wires.

In reality, how is that any true?

Every morning I come to the office, I would start to power up my laptop.

Guess how many wires I need to plug in?

One? No. Two? Nah.

Three? Stop guessing.

I need to plug in freaking FIVE cables every morning. Plug it out every freaking evening after work.

And that for my laptop only. Should I count for other device? And for other time? Let's say I need to take my laptop for a meeting. Hurm. That will double it!

How is that for wireless?

p.s. Maybe life is not meant to be wireless. Our mind is always wired. Bad things happen when the wiring goes haywire. No?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogging engine, Blogspot or Wordpress?

It's been for quite a number of years I stick to Wordpress platform for blogging. That's all thanks to how flexible the platform is and how easy it is to manage your post and all.

And after all these years satisfied with Wordpress, I changed to Blogspot again.

The only contribution factor for my migration is only because Blogspot has a very good template management. You can customized the layout, the color and almost anything out of the fly in a very simple way.

Contradict to Wordpress. Yeah, some would say Wordpress template engine is powerful, but that's it. Too many hassle. I need to dig the code just to change how many column that I want.

With Blogspot, I just need to give it a click and done!

I'm really surprise how far Blogspot have gone since I left it few years back.

And to make a comparison between these two engine, I do feel like Wordpress is kind of bloated with plug-ins to get things done and hard to manage especially if self hosted (if you want to have your own domain).

With Blogpsot hosting, you can freely select your own domain without even have to worry about hosting and the technicality side of it.

Am I getting older that can't dive much all these technical issue or am I losing interest in it?

Guess that having a lot to do and less time to worry about things that suppose to just work really explain it all.

p.s. Sometimes, we need something that just work.