Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recap of 2013

Surprisingly not even one update for 2013. So what happen for the whole year?

Alhamdulillah, I'm promoted to higher level but still a junior executive though. It is still not my passion being an HR personnel. The job is overall OK.

Alhamdulillah, transferred to Kerteh which is closer to hometown. Feel relieved to be away from a hectic city environment. Life is easy. No more jams, parking or toll.

Wife is a full time housewife now. She's been looking for job but nothing serious so far.

And the best thing of all, we got to live in our own house that we can call home and Rauhah is loving it.

Oh we only have one family trip last year, Legoland. It was a blast. Would love to go there again but not anytime soon. Maybe when kids can appreciate it. For the time being, Rauhah can't even enjoy being there.


Photography - I did registered for the Canon Photomarathon but can't attend it for some reason. Kinda miss it. Else I haven't shoot much. My gear now mainly is D600, 17-35mm 2.4f and 50mm 1.4f. Pretty much that's it.

Dota 2 - Been gaming a lot. Like a lot. Had over 1000 games session. I do trades a lot too. Got some pretty nice profit out of it which then mostly spend for collectibles / figurines.

Well, that pretty sum up 2013 for me. So what holds for 2014? Something that I haven't seriously think about yet and it is already the fifth day.

One thing that I wish, may this year be better than the last. Amin.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canon Photomarathon 2012 - Photo Submitted

This is the second time I join Canon Photomarathon.

It's a great experience. I learn on how to move out from my comfort zone to capture photo in different perspective. 

Below are the three photo I submitted according to the theme. Comments and critics are most welcome.

Theme 1: "Rapid Mobility"

Theme 2: "Green Path of Civilization"

Theme 3: "Love"
I think I'll join again next year Canon Photomarathon.

Till then..

Friday, October 12, 2012

Eateries - That Little Gerai

I'm always up for a good food but not the kind that will hunt down all the eateries in the block.

I won't try the new eatery round the corner. I won't try the new dish that the eatery offer. I'm not that adventurous.

Generally, I'll be having my meal at the usual place. The shop that I'm comfortable with.

However if somebody give a recommendation, "Hey, let's have lunch at xxx, the food is so good!" I'm all set.

Thanks to Kerel, he generously bring me to this one little gerai located at AU5 nearby Taman Melawati.

They serve various western food and it taste good! I'll definitely give them a visit again.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Walk Around KLCC Park

I walked around KLCC park yesterday after work. I've been working in KLCC for more than two years now and frankly, this is the first time I ever walk in the park area.

The most I've ever reached before is the waterfront area. All these while, I only watched the park from above.

Below are photos outcome from the short walk. Managed to meet few nice people that are willing to let me take their photos with kids :-)

Swing Happy

Walk around the park won't be completed without the signature photo of the KLCC in night.

KLCC at Night

Not much photos that I can share here but I think it's just enough for a kickstart after the long hiatus :-)

Till then.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teman Pengganti - Black & Malique

The meaning of this song is so deep. Really loves it.

The video also great. But the approach I would say not align with the message coming from the song. The producer could do better.

Aku kan pergi, bertemu kekasih abadi.
Tiba masanya kau cari teman pengganti.

Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apabila Kita Memerlukan

Minta derma di pejabat

Dekat pejabat ni secara purata, sekali dalam dua minggu akan sampai satu sampul surat minta derma dengan penerangan serba ringkas tentang bantuan yang diperlukan.

Sebulan, 2 sampul minta derma.
Setahun, 24 sampul minta derma.

Tapi, dalam kesemua yang mintak derma, semuanya Melayu. It cross my mind, "Melayu sahaja kah yang kesusahan? Orang Cina, India, lain-lain macam mana? Atau hanya orang Melayu saja yang suka mintak derma? Kenapa macam ni?"

Melayu dan keperihatinan

On another occasion, I've been to two sessions of agent briefing for unit trust and insurance. Purata juga menunjukkan yang orang Melayu kita ni tak berminat dengan benda-benda macam ni. Yang aku jumpa rata-rata adalah Cina. Dan kebanyakan statistik juga menunjukkan orang Melayu kita tak nampak faedah dua benda ni.

Aku pun macam tu jugak asalnya.

Memandang remeh

Everytime dapat marketing call yang cakap, "En, ada masa nak cakap?" terus aku akan reply, "Nak cakap pasal apa? Kalau insurance saya tak berminat." sebab aku tahu kebanyakannya memang pasal insuran

Aku sendiri rasa macam, "Alahaiii, insurance lagiiii. Takdak benda lain ka?"

Dulu aku rasa macam tu, sebab mmg aku rasa insurance tu macam tak ada faedahnya. Sekarang aku rasa macam tu sebab lain la pulak, sebabnya aku sendiri dah ada insuran with a good agent.

Pengalaman yang tak menarik

But somehow, aku pernah la accept insuran hayat offer daripada Maybank melalui phone. Bayaran lebih kurang RM50 sebulan. Tapi aku stop, sebab tak nampak benefitnya. Insuran hayat ni kalau aku mati, akan dapat pampasan untuk kemudahan ahli keluarga lain. The thing is, insuran melalui phone tu tak ada agent yang ambil berat dengan orang yang subscribe nya. Jadi maksudnya kalau aku mati, sapa nak buat claim? Mana la orang lain tahu kan. Sebab itu la aku stop.

But then bila dah ada agent sekarang ni, they'll follow up our condition and manage it for us. That is convenience.

Kenapa dan mengapa?

Kenapa aku akhirnya ambil jugak insuran sekarang ni? Kenapa nak insuran?

Dulu, beberapa sebab membuatkan aku tak nak ambil insuran (medical insurance, life insurance):
  • The company has provided. Alhamdulillah, the company that I work with has provided a very good benefit for medical.
  • Alhamdulillah I haven't been into major condition that warrant me to spend money. Walaupun ada, yes the company will provide that coverage.
  • Tak perlu nak beratur panjang gi hospital kerajaan (tak rasa kesusahan), even masa kecik pun my dad is covered by the company he work with. Tak pernah sakit teruk.

Sekarang, ada beberapa sebab aku dah subscribe untuk plan insuran
  • Malang tidak berbau. Teringat aku pada kejadian yang menimpa a close friend. He did mentioned that, luckily he had his insurance covered. Sebab masa tu dia baru tukar kerja, dan kerja baru tak cover medical or some sort.
  • Sampai bila nak berharap company tanggung all those benefit? Sampai bila nak kerja dengan company sama?
  • Paling penting, sooner or later nanti masa dah pencen memang tak ada all those benefit lagi.
  • Kalau nak tunggu tua baru subscribe for insurance akan mahal, dan bila ada penyakit, kebanyakan insuran tak terima permohonan untuk insurance coverage.
  • Masa muda la paling sesuai untuk nak start insurance coverage.
Harapan dan nasihat

Jadi secara jujurnya, aku harap korang ada bantuan yang secukupnya bila di saat yang paling memerlukan. Aku tak nak tengok ada sampul surat korang meminta derma. Don't get me wrong. Aku orang pertama yang akan memberikan bantuan jika ada, tapi I hope that is not the case.

Pertama, aku harap tak ada sampul minta derma sebab korang semua sihat tidak ada musibah yang menimpa InsyaAllah.

Kedua, aku harap dengan post ni aku mampu meyakinkan korang yang insuran itu penting untuk masa depan and it's necessity. It's a backup plan. I hope this is the best help that I can provide to all of you, an advice.

Bla bla bla .. Insurance lagiiii...

No, I'm serius. Dead serious. If you already subscribe to one, good for you. If you are still not, PLEASE find for one now!

p.s. Apa aku membebel nih ...
p.s. If you don't know where to start, Just let me know. I can help you with that.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A lot of things resolves around us everyday. How many really matters?

What if you don't get to go to that weddings?
What if you don't get to go to that concert?
What if you don't get to see that one football match?
What if you don't get enough sleep? Or maybe you sleep one hour less on that day, or one hour more?

Does it really matters?

How will it really impact your life in coming year? 5 years? 10 years?

Generally, life doesn't really matters, much. Just a small part of it does and we really do not know which.

That's the kind of decision that we have to make, everyday.

For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. That's what Pareto said.

So the question is, which 20% of your daily activities does really count for today? That's account for only 4.8 hours.

I'll take my sleep.

p.s. Lately I've seen a lot of people trying to convince that "Money is not everything but everything needs money". My reply, "Maybe not, you don't have to pay for dreaming". That's only one of it. Really, "Money is not everything." Period.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sitting here day by day make my mind numb. Retarded one might say.

I've lost critical thought, even in the job description requires me to do so.

It's only by definition, the reality is everything being dictated, decided. You're an executive, just freaking execute whatever given to you.

This is not what is expected out of you, but this is how it's being enforced on.

And how is this suppose to be progressive?

p.s. "I believe .. what doesn't kill you, simply makes you .. stranger"

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday late night, I've had a conversation with mom, update about how quite a number of my business initiatives doesn't turn out that good.

The conversation get to a good point, "Don't overdo it. If we've tried and it doesn't turn out as plan, that's really not meant for us."

Destiny. Always have his way to intervene.

But I'm not just gonna give up. There is just so much more and I'm not done yet.

Yeah, it might not meant for me just yet.


ps. Keropok keping murah murah..