Friday, July 30, 2010

A Year Older

This week mark another year for myself. A year older.

I hardly get any birthday wishes. Not only that, I even hardly remember my own birthday.

I remember last time during high school, my final year. My room mates and I doing spring cleaning for hostel inspection. All sweaty, wet and dirty. Yeah it's my birthday, but who cares? Even I don't realized it.

Out of sudden around 10pm I guess, there's announcement summon for me to be in front of dining hall.

"Ape pulak nihhhhhhhh?" I did feel irritated! HAHA! Ya lah, mana tidaknya. Tengah penat-penat kemas bilik.

With feet dragging, I went down there.

To my surprises, standing there few of my good friends. All wishing me Happy Birthday and present with a puzzle, something that I love.

Below is the puzzle after it's completed.Leo

Represent my horoscope, the Great Leo :P

Thank you, the very first birthday present I received.

And this year, another special memory for me. Something that I will never forget.


Thanks love!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floria Putrajaya 2010

The first time I went to a floral festival was in 2007 during my internship period in Penang. I would say floral festival is somewhat refreshing. It's so amazing.

Floria Putrajaya 2010

I went again this year on the last day of the festival, held in Putrajaya. This time around, the scenery and exhibition so much better! It feels like in a garden.

Yeah, of course in addition to a great company :)

Yet too bad, it's raining heavily after a short while. So couldn't really enjoy it. Overall, it's a good time. Nothing can go wrong with flowers, aite?

Get to my Flickr for few more shots!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kemasek Beach

Have nothing to do, I browse my collection of photo. I found a picture I capture not long ago, before I moved to KL.

Indeed, I do miss Kerteh. The environment for me is a better place to live. But I do found peace with current job here. :)

Kemasek Beach