Friday, February 25, 2011

Jeans Wear, Seriously?

In a meeting few days back, volunteer for company team building. Somebody throw a question, “What is the attire? Can we wear jeans?”


I’m shocked. It’s like, “What?! Are you serious?”.  Yeah, I didn’t ask that.

But then, are you people serious?

I’m not sure what is so great about jeans wear. It’s tight, uncomfortable, heavy, hassle. Do you think it’s kind of stylish to wear jeans?

Come on people.

Do you really think that it is so stylish to wear jeans wherever you go? It’s totally not stylish. Not when everyone wears jean. It’s so.. Hmm what do we say.. COMMON.


Okay, style might not be the reason.. What exactly makes people really LOVE to wear jeans wherever they go like that’s the best attire in the world. Sometimes I do feel like there are some cults for jeans.


Talking about jeans even make me vomit when to know that there are people who never wash their jeans, ever!


Anybody care to enlighten me, please?


p.s. There are lot to learn in life. At some point when you think you know it all, in split second you’ll know you aren’t when you turn you head around.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sekali Sekala Kebosanan Melanda

I don’t know what happen. The wave comes and goes. Sometimes it’s hard for me to digest.


To say that I’m super busy is totally not. In the office, spent most of my time thinking, or maybe dreaming. And there is just a little things here and there to do.

Lack of motivation to do something? Nope.

Just lack of proper things to do.


And at home?

Recently, spent a lot of time playing games at home.



I used to write more and this totally feels like not me. (I think I’ve said this quite a lot in this blog)


p.s. Life might seems like easy but it’s not. On the contrary, life might seems like hard but it’s not.