Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canon Photomarathon 2012 - Photo Submitted

This is the second time I join Canon Photomarathon.

It's a great experience. I learn on how to move out from my comfort zone to capture photo in different perspective. 

Below are the three photo I submitted according to the theme. Comments and critics are most welcome.

Theme 1: "Rapid Mobility"

Theme 2: "Green Path of Civilization"

Theme 3: "Love"
I think I'll join again next year Canon Photomarathon.

Till then..

Friday, October 12, 2012

Eateries - That Little Gerai

I'm always up for a good food but not the kind that will hunt down all the eateries in the block.

I won't try the new eatery round the corner. I won't try the new dish that the eatery offer. I'm not that adventurous.

Generally, I'll be having my meal at the usual place. The shop that I'm comfortable with.

However if somebody give a recommendation, "Hey, let's have lunch at xxx, the food is so good!" I'm all set.

Thanks to Kerel, he generously bring me to this one little gerai located at AU5 nearby Taman Melawati.

They serve various western food and it taste good! I'll definitely give them a visit again.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Walk Around KLCC Park

I walked around KLCC park yesterday after work. I've been working in KLCC for more than two years now and frankly, this is the first time I ever walk in the park area.

The most I've ever reached before is the waterfront area. All these while, I only watched the park from above.

Below are photos outcome from the short walk. Managed to meet few nice people that are willing to let me take their photos with kids :-)

Swing Happy

Walk around the park won't be completed without the signature photo of the KLCC in night.

KLCC at Night

Not much photos that I can share here but I think it's just enough for a kickstart after the long hiatus :-)

Till then.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teman Pengganti - Black & Malique

The meaning of this song is so deep. Really loves it.

The video also great. But the approach I would say not align with the message coming from the song. The producer could do better.

Aku kan pergi, bertemu kekasih abadi.
Tiba masanya kau cari teman pengganti.

Anyway, enjoy!