Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life, How I See It At The Moment

My last post just a short one about the return of my camera from repair. Since then, lot of things has changed.


Let's take a look what left of the camera.

  1. I've sold off my SB900 speedlight.
  2. Also sold off 18-200mm lens.
  3. Left with D300 body & 50mm lens.
  4. And beloved Manfrotto & Canon tripod.
Hurm, I think that should be just enough to take a good quality of picture for the time being. Sold the 18-200mm because aren't satisfied with the image quality. Yes it might be very useful for the whole range of zoom, but I can't be bothered anymore with the zoom. I just can't stand to see bad quality of image being taken with it.

As of for the speedlight, day after day it's hardly comes into good use. Might as well put it off first before the price dropping further. I found the love for natural light even more. That doesn't mean my purchase comes to a waste. I learned a lot about lighting when it's around. Something that I won't somewhere else.


But then, things that has changed are not just camera, also life as a whole. Priority, responsibility, hobby, interest and so much more.

Take a look at the ticker at Mari Et Femme, it's been a good 1 year & 4 months of being married. It surely are not the same as before.

Before married, I consider myself as one of the particular person in managing self. But at some point of time, it seems that I've quite lost at managing self. Perhaps because of the excessive gaming.

Alhamdulillah, it's never to late to realize things. Hope I can rearrange everything back to track. Because something BIG is coming. 


Currently, I'm learning to play guitar. I do feel good to be able to learn playing guitar properly. It's been in the wishlist since forever.

And few things that I wish I could spend more time on
  • ibadah
  • exercise, sports
  • racing simulation (cars)
  • photography (capture, editing)


  1. Did you go for classes on guitar?

  2. Nope. I'm using Rocksmith as learning tools. take a look here