Friday, September 24, 2010

An End To A Story, A Beginning To Another

In just few days. I'm gonna be married.

It's an end to my single life. It's not gonna be just about me anymore.

Lot of people ask, "How is it? Are you ready?"

To be truth and my most favorite answer is, "I think I'm not, but I have to". Even I'm not ready, there's no excuse. It's about responsibilities either I like it or not. It has to, at the moment I make the vow.

On the other side when talking about ready, how sure we are that we are ready? When will we be ready? To think about just that, sometimes I do feel like we human will never be ready.

It's more of either we want or not. It is really a big joke if we claim to be ready yet we always make a lot of mistakes, silly one. And worse even when we are so afraid to admit that we're not ready yet. Who we are kidding?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fish Spa @ Mid Valley

Just finish a session of fish spa. The place is very cozy and hygenic.

This is my first time doing it. It took me more than 15 minutes just to really dive my feet fully in the water.

But after that feels like itchy numb. Few moments after the time is up! Haiyaaa, baru nk feels.

I would say it's a good way to relax if you enjoy it.

Maybe I would try again next time!