Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floria Putrajaya 2010

The first time I went to a floral festival was in 2007 during my internship period in Penang. I would say floral festival is somewhat refreshing. It's so amazing.

Floria Putrajaya 2010

I went again this year on the last day of the festival, held in Putrajaya. This time around, the scenery and exhibition so much better! It feels like in a garden.

Yeah, of course in addition to a great company :)

Yet too bad, it's raining heavily after a short while. So couldn't really enjoy it. Overall, it's a good time. Nothing can go wrong with flowers, aite?

Get to my Flickr for few more shots!


  1. to be honest i HATE this type of festival/carnival whatever u wanna call it.
    poor flowers... :-(

    nice shots btw.

  2. raje, we are not harassing them. they're taken care.

    aalim, orang tu dah gi dulu senyap2 ngan "bunga" :P

  3. tunggu after ujan x?
    patotnye lg fresh bunge2 tu, plus ade sparkle2 yg menyerlahkan lagi bokehnye
    tu dlm imagination aku je la tapi, tatau betul tak, haha

    patot aa tade orang ajak aku g floria. sume g ngan bunga masing2 ekkkk~~ lol~

  4. after ujan tu dah malam. tak leh nk tunggu lak. huhu. i imagine the same!