Friday, October 29, 2010

iPhone 4 Purchase – Singapore Online Apple Store

This might be old news. iPhone 4 already released in Malaysia. People can get their hands on local set with contract by either Maxis or Digi. But just for the record, I got mine from Singapore Online Apple Store.

Since that time, there is no available local set to get and the only available grey import set are mostly expensive by lot. I decided to purchase my unit from Singapore. Thanks to a friend (Mardhia) who has a local Singapore address to be use for drop off.

At first, I requested she to survey the iPhone in the actual store but then since it’s just recently launched, expected to be out of stock.

Thinking it would be a real hassle if she are about to queue and rush to get the phone in the store, I tried my luck to buy it online and use Malaysia address. Yeah, as everyone know, it doesn’t get through. I then use Mar’s Singapore local address for the shipping. I even use Directaccess (Malaysian billing address) for payment. It’s quite a surprise because some people report that Malaysia credit card won’t be accepted. Lucky me I guess.

During that time, I have to wait for 3 weeks. I would say it’s really 3 weeks of waiting! The package is shipped and arrived exactly 3 weeks after the confirmation of purchase. Should I compliment Apple for holding on their promise or should I blame them for makes me wait for 3 weeks?

I would say, good job as giving a very good estimation.

p.s. Enjoying every moment of the phone. Much more to come!

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