Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden

I'm not a frequent runner, just casual. But time to time, I do loves to spend time at a park for its comforting scenery with some light running. Lake garden is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I do find it much more interesting compare to Titiwangsa Lake.

Flow of Water

There's a lot of things to do from jogging, playground for kids, parks, variety of gardens, memorial, etc.


The jogging track is not that large but just a little bit larger compare to Titiwangsa Lake, around 3km perhaps. Most of the route is shaded with trees. That's the best of it, especially when there are breeze of winds.

Path to ParkJogging Track #1

As for gardens, they have tons. I lost count on how many they have and don't even finish tour all of it. If you feel tired to tour on foot, they provide carriage but I'm not sure if it's charged or FOC but I believe it's the later.

Carriage in Park

At one of the secluded area, to my surprise they have a memorial of Tun Abdul Razak and it's well taken care off. It's a nice Malay heritage house setting.

Malay House Kitchen

Perhaps I'll cover more picture of the area on my next visit. There's too much things around there which I think every each of it deserve own place in this blog.

At the moment, please head to my Flickr HERE for more photos.

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