Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sitting here day by day make my mind numb. Retarded one might say.

I've lost critical thought, even in the job description requires me to do so.

It's only by definition, the reality is everything being dictated, decided. You're an executive, just freaking execute whatever given to you.

This is not what is expected out of you, but this is how it's being enforced on.

And how is this suppose to be progressive?

p.s. "I believe .. what doesn't kill you, simply makes you .. stranger"


  1. no such thing as a bad job just bad employee. challenge yourself and see how you can go with all the stupid constrain you have now. get someone for the challenge to see if you have explored all possible ways to improve things at work. someone close, someone not from work.

    but of course with a baby on the way it'd be hard! :)

  2. The job is simply amazing. The requirement is just challenging.

    The managers make it not so. That is kind of bad employee.

    People that is given an option, all of them left, and left all of us that really doesn't have an option. Rotting in.