Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning Concept

How many times have you go through a new concept to know that you still can’t get to understand it?

I always had this kind of difficulty. It’s hard for me to understand something.

For example, how to manage Drupal CMS. It’s been ages I’m trying to understand it’s underlying concept. But to no avail, I failed miserably.

At some point when you aren’t really trying anymore, when you just want to take a simple look at the concept, you can see some light of hope. Out of sudden, you just started to know how to put things together. Everything comes to your mind and you seems to know how thing works. It’s just another piece of puzzle for you.

And at the point of time you will say, “Ah this is just easy!”

It happen again today. Another puzzle solved.

What a great feeling.

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