Thursday, June 24, 2010

Self and Family

A conversation happen nearby my cubicle at work.
Mrs A: Eh, ade banyak promotion sekarang ni. Jom la gi jalan-jalan.
Mrs B: Haaa, ape lagi. Arrange la.
Mrs A: Jom pegi kita-kita je la. Tak payah bawa anak-anak.
Mrs B: Aku gi jalan-jalan setakat ni tak pernah tinggal.
Mrs A: Sometimes we need time for ourself jugak.

It struck me. Like, really?

Children and spouse are not the best thing you ever got already? Which part of it that you don't have time for yourself? I'm suppose every single time spent with love one is time for self, no?

Why is that never enough? Maybe it won't enough until we lost it.

Yeah, can't blame them. People nowadays live for themself. It's all about self, hardly about family. How is that to justify the value of family?

But I guess, that's just me a conservative man. Who just have his family to hang on.

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  1. salam,
    sometimes loving others so much u forget how much u love urself.or even worse how to love urself.thats what time for yourself is for.its to appreciate/acknowledge ur accomplishment.self validation is very very important.
    t8 cr!