Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friend’s Weddings

Last year mark as the year most of my friends getting married and most of it clashed with each other. I had the chance to attend only a few.

All the weddings that I attended are really lovely. Each of them are wonderful!

Khairil & Zaiti – The couple looks really like king and queen of a kingdom on the day! All hails!

Khairil Hafriza & Zaiti Zurida

Fiza & Spouse - The wedding really shows the tradition with martial arts and the striking red theme. A warrior indeed.

Fiza & Spouse

Fadhil & Intan – The wedding is soft, easy to the eyes and calm.

Fadhil & Intan

Amirul & Nadia - The most unique wedding I ever attended. The color combination is rare! I hardly find any wedding with nice brown theme.

Amirul Ehsan & Nurul Nadia