Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beginning of 2011

Is it something to look forward to? Sure.

How was is so far? Not so good.

What do you wish for? I hardly have any new year resolution thingy.


That’s all a little update for new year. And again I changed back to previous theme. Old habit hard to let go right? I still fond to the concept of ‘one column big picture’ layout.

It’s easy to the eye, attractive, and self satisfying! And the most important of all is the last one. :P

I guess I’ll start over (not so much of start over, just to be more active) in photography. I found that I’ve left it for quite some times. I still hold my camera once in a while, but nothing serious.

And with this come back of previous theme, I hope I can post more of a quality pictures.


And let’s hope. Amin.

p.s. Generally there’s no such things as bad job, only bad attitude. But then the job still sucks rite?

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