Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bali, Indonesia Trip – Day 1

It is my first passport. It is my first international trip. It is my first non business trip with flight. I don’t know where to park, what is the procedure for travelling, what is to expect at the airport, etc.

Our flight board in LCCT. We had a lot of discussion on either to go to airport by either public transport or car. Considering the expensive parking rates, obviously public transport is much cost effective but we end up went by car as we already kind of late for bus. As we’re not taking public transport, we left home quite early in the morning. Arrived at the airport just nice for check-in.

KLIA - Denpasar

We then enjoy our breakfast at Oldtown White Coffee. We had nasi lemak, half boiled egg and toast. People always touting about how expensive is the food at airport but this might be an exception. It cost the same.

Breakfast @ Oldtown

This is also my first time fly with AirAsia. I’m quite amaze to find the seat is not that small. I would say it’s kind of spacious. Maybe because it’s an international flight.

AirAsia Wing

AirAsia Interior

We arrived at Denpasar airport safely ahead of time. Good job AirAsia! On arrival, there suppose to be pickup service from our villa but I can’t find any sign of it. It’s my fault not inform them  about the change of itinerary and to make it worse, I don’t save their contact number!


Luckily the concierge is helpful. They make an announcement and a representative from the villa came. They are very friendly people.

It took about 20 minutes from the airport to our villa. When we reach there, we went to local mart to shop for some food. And the rest of the day, we just spend our time in the villas.

AlamWarna Villa Room


  1. more plis...... the pic too small ~ wahahahahha

  2. It's just for first day, few more days to come! Larger pic available at Flickr. Maybe Original also :P