Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bali, Indonesia Trip – Day 2

There is no time zone different between Bali and Malaysia but it is earlier by approximately an hour. It get darks at easily around 6pm in the evening and already get lights around 6am in the morning. Still, business starts after 8pm.

We still spend our time in the villa in the morning as the villa has private pool. Only near the afternoon we decide to go out and take a walk around the area.


In the area which we stayed, there’s not much of a shopping place. It’s more of exclusive area for designer shop. We didn’t enjoy walking around there that much as there’s so little place that we interested to get in.

We only stop at a DVD shop but end up discuss about tour package with the shop owner as we think that we’re going to be bored if we just stay at the area doing nothing. As it’s the first place for us to get to know about the tour package offered, we didn’t take any.

Bali Belo Tour

We walk again and found another tour package offer. This time around, the price is a lot more cheaper, reasonable and sound convincing yet we didn’t take it. Just because we think there might be another better offer.

Turns out, that’s the only offer we stumble upon during our short walk. Because of the sunny afternoon, we rushing back to villa just to lay down in front of the TV. At the same time, we considering on what to do for the next few days. From so many tour package that is offered, we decide to go to the second provider for Kintamani Volcano Tour for our third day.

In the evening, we went to take a walk at the nearby beach. It’s just around 10 minutes walking distance. We expect to see some nice beach and a good sunset but it’s either the weather aren’t on our side or that is just how the beach is. We somehow feels that Malaysia can offer something better. That might just be our biased preference.

Facing The Beach


Seminyak Beach

We even did spotted pirate ship! :P

Pirate Kite

And this is the sunset we get that evening. Kind of cloudy. Pulang dengan harapan yang punah.

Senset @ Seminyak

But not to worry, the swimming pool still can cure the broken heart. That’s really the best of all. HAHA!

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