Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bali, Indonesia Trip – Day 3

I’m getting lazy to update about Bali trip. But here comes the installment number 3.

On the second day, we decided to hire local tour guide for tour to Kintamani Volcano. They claim it’s something not to be missed once in Bali. We thought, why not since we already here and don’t know what to do right? So here we are on the third day. Touring Bali.

For USD30, we got private tour local tour guide, private car, with everything covered includes parking, fees, etc. In addition it’s not just Kintamani Volcano tour, it’s also a lot of stop by to Barong & Keris Dance, visit to silver and gold processing village, wood carving village, luwak (fox) coffee processing village, terrace paddy sight seeing and Obyek Wisata Temple.

In each village there are lot of same processing center next to each other. When they say it’s wood carving village, you really got to see wood carving center everywhere along the road.

Barong & Keris Dance

We have to pay some extra fees to enter here because it’s not included in the package. Just because it’s on the way and we thought maybe we give it a try since Barong & Keris Dance quite famous here more or less like Kecak Dance famous.

Catur Eka Budhi Kesiman

I don’t find it amusing at all but my wife like it. She says that the costumes are cute! Definitely not to my liking and furthermore it’s actually their religion and ritual dance based on Hindus myth, Ramayana something I guess. The performance story about good and evil. How should I appreciate something that is totally different from my faith?

The stage is open air and it’s kind of hot. It’s not comfortable to be there for an hour especially with a premium entrance fee we have to pay for.

Barong and Keris Dance

Here comes the good and the evil which I can’t remember their name. Which one is good which one is evil? Can you guess?

The Good The Evil

Silver & Gold Processing Village

I don’t have anything to say as there is really nothing to say! There are not much information on how they process the silver and there are nothing about gold processing at all. They only have vast selection of finished silver product for sell which is finely crafted. Too bad we don’t fancy silver that much. So we leave after about 5 minutes without nothing, not even picture :P

Wood Carving Village

Up to this point, we already get tired of seeing Hindus statues. Not, not that I’m racist, hate them or anything. It’s just too many and everywhere. It’s like when you have sandwich for every meal, you somehow get tired of sandwich right? We don’t have the heart to see further but I would say Balinese is really an artist. It’s beautiful and fine.


Kintamani Volcano

We stop here for buffet lunch facing Kintamani Volcano. Food? Not good, not good at all. Super expensive. The restaurant pretends to be exclusive but in actual it’s not. The view? Okay lah.

Kintamani Volcano

Luwak Coffee

I’m surprised here. I don’t know that luwak coffee is such a phenomenon. It sells for more than USD1k for a hundred gram. A small cup of coffee cost freaking USD5!

The coffee fruit is selected by luwak (Indonesia language for fox) and has gone through their digestion system. The coffee been cannot be processed by luwak digestion system and excreted. It’s then processed normally as other coffee.

The luwak coffee taste less bitter and much more richer. If you ask me either it worth the premium price tag, I would say normal coffee is fine by me. I can’t really feel the different.

Luwak Coffee

At the center, they also served visitors free variety of drinks to taste.

Variety of drinks

Terrace Paddy

For this part, I believe words won’t do any justice. Photos will describe it better.

Terrace Paddy

Obyek Wisata Temple

In the temple, there is pond said to be the source of holy water.

Obyek Wisate Gunung Kawi Sebatu Tegallalang

Then we stop for solat. Our tour guide is very understanding and really doing good in providing place for us to perform solat.

Yayasan Ubudiyah

Don’t be fool by the small entrance. The masjid is actually very comfortable and proper. But it’s hard to find masjid around here.

We end our trip for the day doing some shopping for souvenir at Ole-ole Bali.

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  1. errr... can we actually drink kopi luwak? I went there quite recently, but never had the guts to try kopi luwak.