Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bali, Indonesia Trip – Day 4 & Day 5

Here comes the best part of it. Or maybe the worst part of it? HAHA!

On the forth day, we spend the day doing water sports. We did parasailing, flying fish and snorkeling. In addition to the package, there is so call glass bottom boat tour and turtle island visit.

It’s my first time for all the activities and I would say it did turn out so bad. Parasailing and flying fish is all great but my day just ruined because of the snorkel. I had hard time snorkel as the wave is quite harsh and the water is not clear.

I ended up feeling dizzy. And that’s all for my day. But the trip actually didn’t end just yet. We still has glass bottom boat and turtle island visit in schedule.

Glass bottom boat and turtle island visit is really frustrating. The so call glass bottom boat is actually the same boat that we ride for snorkel. Yes, the bottom of the boat has glass that can see through but thanks to the bad water, we hardly see anything underneath it.

The turtle island is nothing spectacular. It’s actually not a landing spot for turtle to hatch their eggs. It’s more of a place artificially made to exhibit turtle for tourism sake. I don’t know if others really believe in that crap or it’s us who don’t know how to appreciate things.

I believe turtle center in Malaysia do provide much more REAL experience than here. Furthermore, it’s not really an island of turtles! They just take us on a ride with boat to the other side of the land. What a scam!

Okay, I really don’t have any photo to show you all. Thanks again to the dizziness after snorkeling.

Overall? That’s not a good day for me but parasailing definitely GREAT! Just that I wish it can be longer. A very short fly.

And I guess that sums up the trip to Bali. Day 5? We spend the day at the villa and relax before check out. :P

p.s. I’m not sure if I ever want to go there again. Maybe not.

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