Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blogging engine, Blogspot or Wordpress?

It's been for quite a number of years I stick to Wordpress platform for blogging. That's all thanks to how flexible the platform is and how easy it is to manage your post and all.

And after all these years satisfied with Wordpress, I changed to Blogspot again.

The only contribution factor for my migration is only because Blogspot has a very good template management. You can customized the layout, the color and almost anything out of the fly in a very simple way.

Contradict to Wordpress. Yeah, some would say Wordpress template engine is powerful, but that's it. Too many hassle. I need to dig the code just to change how many column that I want.

With Blogspot, I just need to give it a click and done!

I'm really surprise how far Blogspot have gone since I left it few years back.

And to make a comparison between these two engine, I do feel like Wordpress is kind of bloated with plug-ins to get things done and hard to manage especially if self hosted (if you want to have your own domain).

With Blogpsot hosting, you can freely select your own domain without even have to worry about hosting and the technicality side of it.

Am I getting older that can't dive much all these technical issue or am I losing interest in it?

Guess that having a lot to do and less time to worry about things that suppose to just work really explain it all.

p.s. Sometimes, we need something that just work.

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