Sunday, April 24, 2011

Teluk Batik, Lumut (Manjung), Perak

I'll be missing this place soon. It will be less reason for me to visit it as my parents won't be here anymore.

Teluk Batik

First time I've been to this place perhaps in the year 2001. That's when parents move there. I'm impressed with this town. It has a beautiful landscape and comforting feeling, compare to my previous hometown.

But I'm not that much impress with the beach as I've seen a lot better. But Teluk Batik is surely the most famous attraction around here.

In the early time, there's really nothing in Teluk Batik. People just went there to have a swim, relaxing and spent time with friends and family. I seriously can't think of anything to do there. No water sports, no games, no snorkeling. Oh, there's camping site or maybe beach bury but that's all.

Beach Bury

And that's the reason I'm not an avid visitor to this place despite friends around me do visit it quite frequent.

I gave a visit few months back and to my surprise, a lot has changed since my last visit. The already have offering of some water sports activity (banana boat, flying fish). Baywatch tower for security. Increase in visitors.

Banana Boat

If any of you ever come around there, make sure to drop by. Your time will definitely worth while spent.

So long, till we meet again Teluk Batik.

Teluk Batik Sunset

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  1. ada banana boat seriously? haha lepas ni pangkor pun rasa jauh je..rugi tak pegi pangkor laut dulu

  2. ha'a. murah siap. rm5 kot per ride.

    pasni kene bersungguh la sikit kalau nak pegi