Monday, April 11, 2011

Twin Towers @Live 2011

Do I always listen to music? Yes.

Do I love music? Yes, so much!

Do I always went to concert? No, this is my first time. Just to get a hang of it.

Do I love concert? Maybe. Not so much. And that depends.

What kind of concert it that might get your interest? I don't know. But the thing is, maybe I really don't belong to the crowd. Everyone is singing and jumping, and jumping, and jumping! But I'm there static trying to enjoy the music. Totally not suitable and definitely not belong to these crowd and these kind of concert.

Perhaps some more relaxing concert just to enjoy the music more suitable for me.

Here the only thing that I found a bit interesting that night. Bunkface surely a good performer.

Had a great time spent with wife! :)

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