Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wireless? Maybe not

We've been told that today is a world of wireless. No more tangling of wires.

In reality, how is that any true?

Every morning I come to the office, I would start to power up my laptop.

Guess how many wires I need to plug in?

One? No. Two? Nah.

Three? Stop guessing.

I need to plug in freaking FIVE cables every morning. Plug it out every freaking evening after work.

And that for my laptop only. Should I count for other device? And for other time? Let's say I need to take my laptop for a meeting. Hurm. That will double it!

How is that for wireless?

p.s. Maybe life is not meant to be wireless. Our mind is always wired. Bad things happen when the wiring goes haywire. No?

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